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The History of Customer Service | Understanding with Unbabel

Tucked away in the British Museum is a 4000-year-old customer complaint ticket, the oldest ever discovered. Dating back to 1750 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, the tablet written in cuneiform describes a very displeased customer, Nanni, who was dealt some inferior quality copper ore by the businessman Ea-Nasir.

But it wasn’t just the product that was mediocre. His customer service was equally lacking: when Nanni's messengers crossed through enemy territory to seek a refund, they came home empty-handed.

In this video, we look at how customer service has evolved throughout the ages, and the technological advances that have radically changed the way we interact with businesses.


Illustration, Animation and Sound Design: Favo Studio


Every day it seems like machines learn more and more and the content we consume says less and less. That’s why we’re building Understanding with Unbabel — a deeply human take on language, artificial intelligence, and the way they’re transforming customer experience.

About Unbabel

At Unbabel, we believe language shouldn’t stand in the way of relationships. By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, we give businesses and their customers the ability to understand each other, make smarter choices, and have richer experiences.