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Language Operations: The Ace in the Hole of iGaming Expansion

The emergence of eSports, the proliferation of 5G and mobile infrastructure, the rise of technologies such as Augmented Reality and the Metaverse: The iGaming industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption, and it’s never been riper for growth. 

Mounting player expectations and increasing competitive pressure, however, mean that companies can’t afford to think of expansion as optional: It’s an imperative, and it hinges on language. 

In his talk at SBC Summit Barcelona 2022, Unbabel’s Director of Product Marketing, Phill Brougham, broke down the key elements of an expansion strategy that leverages language and localization to attract, convert, and retain players across the world. 

Discover the three challenges that hold back multilingual expansion, and how to turn language from a barrier to a trump card with Language Operations.