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The Technology Behind Machine Translation | Understanding with Unbabel

We learn language instinctively and unconsciously. As we grow up, we learn the meaning of words by collecting enough examples and gradually connecting words with the concepts they encode. Without explicitly being taught, we understand what they mean and how they are affected by their context.

But even the simplest sentences can be semantic minefields, littered with double meanings that only native speakers can instantly make sense of.

Machines can’t understand words in the traditional sense. So how does AI deal with ambiguity and double meanings?

In this video, we take a look at the techniques used to teach computers to “understand” words in context.


Illustration, Animation and Sound Design: Favo Studio


Every day it seems like machines learn more and more and the content we consume says less and less. That’s why we’re building Understanding with Unbabel — a deeply human take on language, artificial intelligence, and the way they’re transforming customer experience.

About Unbabel

At Unbabel, we believe language shouldn’t stand in the way of relationships. By combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, we give businesses and their customers the ability to understand each other, make smarter choices, and have richer experiences.