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Meet the Human Translators Behind Unbabel’s AI-Driven LangOps

A Coffee With Our Editors, Unpacking Quality and Business Tips 

Since its first tentative steps in the 1950s, machine translation has made tremendous advancements. However, when it comes to delivering professional translation services, nothing matches the quality of machine translation refined by a human touch.

At the heart of Unbabel’s Language Operations platform, a community of 100,000 enrolled multilingual editors — comprised of native speakers, linguists, subject matter experts, and professional translators — works to polish outbound translations across 130+ language pairs and ensure the delivery of native-level content. Our proprietary, AI-powered machine translation is also continuously learning from their feedback, which means that the quality of translations keeps improving over time, and the AI requires less input to achieve human authenticity at speed and scale.

To uncover the synergy between human translators and MT, and understand how a human-in-the-loop approach elevates quality translations, we sat down with two of our global editors for a (virtual) coffee.

Meet Yi, who translates content from English into Simplified Chinese, and Chiara, who works on translations from English and French into Italian.

For more on how Unbabel ensures the quality of your translations, check out How Unbabel Delivers Scalable, High-Quality Translations.

About the Author

Valeria Rossi is a Content Writer at Unbabel, responsible for delivering engaging content across Unbabel’s platforms. She harnesses her own experience in the customer support industry to create helpful articles for her readers. Bilingual in Italian and English, with an academic background in foreign languages, Valeria brings unique insights to each piece she writes. She earned her BA in Modern Languages from the University of Genoa.

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