3 Tips for Getting More Bang for Your Buck in Multilingual Customer Service

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3 Tips for Getting More Bang for Your Buck in Multilingual Customer Service LEANER, BUT JUST AS SWEET Poor customer service results in less consumer spending That's why reducing customer service costs, while often necessary, must be done with care to avoid impacting support quality and agents' working conditions. Here's how you can broaden your CS bucks, while maintaining exceptional support: 1. Use AI for multilingual translation Shared language creates trust between customers and brands and can help influence purchases. But hiring native- speaking agents is expensive and leaves companies susceptible to surges and agent availability. Instead, using human-refined AI translation technology: Relieves the pressure to hire native speakers Expedites multilingual customer support by adding translation into your workflows Reduces total customer support costs while improving service metrics 68% of consumers will switch brands if customer interactions aren't offered in their native language. Tile saved 91% on international tickets across 29 languages by relying on multilingual CS integration. 2. Leverage digital self-service options Many leading brands turn to digital techniques to proactively offer better prices or identify churn risks. Reduce contact volume for the customer service team and identify at-risk customers by using: Basic self-service options such as chatbots Interactive voice response (IVR) systems for simple requests Predictive analytics to anticipate customer behavior FedEx's algorithm can predict whether a customer may seek out a competitive offering with up to 90% accuracy. 3. Offer agent training The right training will pay dividends when it comes to both employee and customer satisfaction, as well as customer retention. Empower your agents with the right training and career opportunities by: Adopting technologies such as conversation intelligence Surfacing proactive opportunities for performance improvement Identifying positive patterns within conversations Plus, use the above to onboard and train new employees. 86% of millennials said they'd be more inclined to stay in a job that offered training and development. Implement these three tips to achieve economies of scale, improve efficiency and team dynamics, and ultimately boost employee and customer happiness. See how Unbabel can reduce your operational costs GET THE DEMO

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