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What’s New at Unbabel: Greater Transparency, New Integration, and More

A quick roundup of all the exciting product updates at Unbabel.

We’ve had another extremely eventful quarter at Unbabel. We’re always working on improving your Unbabel experience and making the platform more flexible to suit your business goals. This time, we’ve built several new features into the product to help achieve a range of things, from understanding your Unbabel usage better to requesting translations easier. And what’s more, we’ve got a brand new integration. Let’s jump in! 

The Portal

More flexibility for more efficient Language Operations.

The latest updates to the Portal let you drill down deeper into your Unbabel usage for greater transparency. We’ve also spruced up Translations Auditing and On-demand to serve your needs better. 

Usage Data Export 

Information is power — do more with your Unbabel data!

Users can now download translation usage data in an editable format to answer whatever key questions are front of mind. Want to analyze volume trends, cross-reference Unbabel performance to CSAT, or compare agent groups? You can use your usage data to answer these questions and more.

Access Past Subscription Data

Get complete usage per channel, starting from the beginning.

With this new feature, you can review overall usage per channel for previous Unbabel subscriptions. You can also export this data. This applies to all subscriptions with an end date after 01/01/2021.

Report Translations 

Direct translation feedback. 

In our last update, we released Translations Auditing, which lets Portal users track down any conversation agents had with customers within the Portal. We’ve built on this to let you report translations easily and directly to your LangOps Manager. This tightens the feedback loop with inputs that help us refine translation quality. 

Improvements to On-demand

Requesting translations has never been easier.

With On-demand, customers are able to order translations whenever needed, in any live language pair. We’ve now made it easier to request translations by matching user workflows based on the file types already in use: Users can upload untranslated content in txt, html, xliff, srt formats. 

Want On-demand? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Dixa users rejoice! 

As always, we’re taking requests and adding more integrations so you can get high-quality translation within your existing workflows. 

Dixa is a customer service platform that connects brands with customers through real-time communication. By partnering with Unbabel, Dixa becomes a more robust platform by allowing agents to skillfully support their customers in any language and in any channel, all in one platform.

Read more about this integration here.

About the Author

Sarah Din is the VP of product marketing at Unbabel. She has spent the last 12 years bringing products to life through strategic narratives that align with customer needs. She is experienced in leading marketing teams at startups (creating net new categories and markets) as well as at larger organizations (establishing market leadership through product innovation).

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