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Make your Zendesk Help Center multilingual with Unbabel

Already using Unbabel’s translation for Zendesk Support to seamlessly translate customer support tickets and agent replies? Awesome. Customers love being spoken to in their own languages.

But did you know Unbabel can also integrate with Zendesk Guide to have your FAQs translated into 28 languages just as easily? Enabling self-service on a truly global level has never been so easy.

And once you’ve set it up, maintenance is as simple as maintaining an English-only Help Center.

Setting Up A Multilingual Zendesk Help Center

You can set up a multilingual Zendesk Help Center in 6 easy steps:

Step 1

  • Access your Zendesk Account;
  • Under Admin > Settings > Account, you’ll find the “Localization” tab;
  • Select your default language and any additional languages in which you’d like to communicate with your customers.
Adjust your localization settings under Admin > Settings > Localization

Step 2

After selecting the language(s) you want your Zendesk Help Center to support, you will need to enable them:

  • As an Admin, go to your Help Center’s General Settings;
  • From the Agent view of your Zendesk Account, click on the lifesaver in the lower lefthand corner (otherwise known as the Help Center icon);
  • Go to the Help Center menu and click on “General Settings”;
As an Admin, go to your Help Center's General Settings
  • Make sure the languages you selected in Step 1 are selected from within the Help Center’s General Settings;
  • At the bottom of the General Settings page, find the “Languages” configuration. The default language and the available languages are the same as those you chose in Step 1. Here, you will want to translate the title of your Help Center into its local market equivalent. Small tasks like this are most easily completed via the Web Order form and cost a few cents.

Step 3

Create an Unbabel account and add balance.

Step 4


Next, we need to connect your Zendesk Help Center with your Unbabel account. Go to our Unbabel for Zendesk Help Center page and login.

Step 5


If this is your first time here, you will see the setup page. Enter your Zendesk subdomain. You can find it in your Zendesk URL. It is often something like

If the subdomain is valid, the following page will ask you login to your Zendesk interface. This step authenticates our application with your Help Center. Note that you will need to sign in with an Admin account.

Step 6


Now you are on the Unbabel for Zendesk Help Center Dashboard, from which you can request translations of anything within your Zendesk Help Center.

Congratulations! You’re finished setting up Zendesk localization and you’re ready to communicate with your customers in the language of their choosing!

If at any time you need to add more languages to your project, simply repeat Steps 1 and 2 and the languages will automatically appear in the Unbabel for Zendesk Help Center application order form.

Need more assistance? Please contact us and we’ll connect you with the right person.

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