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#Salvadorable: Understand Portugal’s first-ever Eurovision winner in 17 languages

Here at Unbabel, we want to enable everyone to understand and be understood, in any language. And that includes Salvador Sobral, Portugal’s first ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest! 🇵🇹

Fuelled by Super Bock and Doritos, Unbabel’s marketing team banded together to create this little site with subtitles and lyrics (written by his sister, Luisa Sobral) for their beautiful song, Amar Pelos Dois, in 17 languages — all translated with Unbabel.


Amar pelos dois


The Portuguese press picked up on it, first in the Observador, then Público, SAPO24, MSN, DN and Blitz, before finally on the national state broadcaster, RTP, who showed the site to the international press, getting them to sing along in their own languages. 😃



Over 100,000 unique visitors, 17,000 shares on Facebook and hundreds of tweets later, we’re happy to have played a small part in amplifying Salvador’s voice around the world.


World Map


Translation of creative content is notoriously difficult, and we don’t claim to have the authoritative versions in any language, but we wanted to do what we could to ensure the Sobrais’ song touched others as much as it did to the Lusofone world.

See you next year here in Lisbon!


Salvador Amar pelos dois

* Photo credit: Andres Putting

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