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A Year of Awesome International Customer Support with Unbabel + Zendesk


It’s been one year since we launched our Zendesk integration, one of our most popular tools. Basically, it enables international customer support, giving support agents the ability to bypass language barriers, all without leaving the Zendesk interface. A customer writes to you in their native language, Unbabel translates it into the agent’s preferred language, they write back, and Unbabel changes the response back to the customer’s language. It’s International customer support and it’s that simple.

Because offering support to all customers regardless of location or language is so important, it’s no surprise it’s so popular with our clients. And we are glad to be of help! In honor of the anniversary, we thought we’d take a look back over the past year of helping companies provide better customer support in multiple languages using Zendesk.

Number of jobs (emails) each month

The number of jobs completed per month has continued to go up (always a good thing!), as well as number of jobs completed per client per month — this is likely due partly to our clients’ numbers going up and to the right as well, serving more and more international customers. One job here means one email. We love it when our customers are doing well, and especially when we can help with that.

The most common languages

It’s cool to look at the language distribution of these tickets people have been translating for the past year. We can tell that by looking at average number of words per month for each language. There are two sets of translation going on when using Unbabel in Zendesk — the source language (the agent’s language), and the target language (the customer’s language).

International Customer Support – What’s Next?

To learn more about Unbabel for Zendesk, visit Unbabel for Zendesk.


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