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Microsoft, GoCardless, Farfetch, GitLab and more at the Unbabel Annual Event

We hate keeping secrets and we’ve been holding these for too long.

But today we get to get this off our chests and give you a few more juicy details of what’s happening at the Unbabel Annual Event, in Lisbon, this June 21st.

We’ll take over the breathtakingly beautiful Champalimaud Center for the Unknown (in the picture below), and, as we mentioned before, we’ll be bringing in some of our partners and friends, to discuss the challenges of going global.

Time to meet our first speakers and find out the topics of our panels.

You talkin’ to me? Getting personal with audiences on an international scale

With more and more companies going global from Day 1, how can marketers reach customers around the world, across multiple different markets, cultures and languages, and still stay personal?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in our of our panels on June 21st with these amazing speakers:

Local customers in a global market: bridging the operational gap

Established enterprises and scale-ups with traction share a common pain: delivering uniform satisfaction to their customers around the world. How is technology making the job easier to deliver a bespoke customer experience, regardless of location and language?

Sure, that can be an operational nightmare but it doesn’t have to. Learn from our great speakers how to go global, following the examples of big industry players who have done it before:

Personalisation at scale: making global products for locals

Users decide in a matter of seconds whether they like your product. In an age of instant gratification, not tailoring an experience can mean success or death.

However, localising your product is not as easy as it may seems. So, how do you face the challenge of delivering truly global products when that means getting even more local?

That’s what we’ll be talking about in this panel with these amazing speakers:

Thanks to our great sponsors, 5CA and Convergys, for helping us bring this event to life.

And that’s all we’re authorised to say for now. Everything else is classified, including what we at Unbabel will be presenting on stage that day 😉

If you’re interested in joining us at the Unbabel Annual Event, on June 21st, you can register here. Or if you can’t make it you can always see everything through our live stream on the day.

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