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How Gains An Edge Over Their Competition With Unbabel

In this series, we look at how our customers are using Unbabel to succeed in international markets and eventually, take over the world. is a hiring marketplace for tech workers and companies. It’s based out of Lisbon, with a second office in London, and helps companies from all over Europe find great talent. At its core is the premise that the current recruiting process is broken due to a lack of transparency, expensive fees from sourcers, and especially with online job sites, mediocre candidates and companies. Finding great talent isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t make you want pull your hair out.

As a European company they realized early on that translating content could give them an edge over their competition. “Speaking the language of the local market is always a competitive advantage,” says Pedro, co-founder of Especially since most of their competition are still operating in a single language.

So they began to translate their job listings, relying on in-house translation and asking friends for help. That’s not the most scalable solution, so they started looking into services that could solve their problem.

At a Lisbon startup event, Pedro ran into someone who could help — João Graça, one of the Unbabel founders who had been Pedro’s Java professor at Instituto Superior Técnico. Pedro mentioned they were getting job listings from places like Poland, and João had just the solution. “We needed to automatically translate job offers without the hassle of finding translators to do so,” Pedro says. “Unbabel was the natural choice.” Because their stack is Ruby on Rails, they decided to use the Unbabel API.


So they went out and integrated the Unbabel API over the course of one day! Pretty cool, right? A fun fact about that: Pedro noted that they drank a bit of jeropiga, a sweet Portuguese alcoholic drink during the hack, so some bugs may or may not have slipped in.

The API automates the translation process, allowing the team to focus on improving their product and growing their business. When they get the content back, they review it, make a few tweaks, and put their touch on it — they try to make every job listing personal with video or team pictures, to get across the company’s personality.

For now, translates their job listings. But eventually, they want to use the power of Unbabel to expand internationally and open offices in new countries. After all, speaking the local language is the most significant advantage a company can have.

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