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How telecoms giant Italtel stopped worrying about translation and localized its content with Unbabel

From developing the first telecoms systems in Italy, to upgrading them from analogue to digital at the end of the 20th Century, to its repositioning as an international ICT company focused on IP networks and VoIP, Italtel has shown a remarkable ability and willingness to adapt and transform since its founding in 1921.

Classified as a “visionary” player by Gartner, Italtel currently designs, develops and implements products and solutions for next generation communications services across EMEA and LATAM markets.

The Need for a Solution

However, Italtel faces a major challenge in these territories: language barriers. In February 2015, a cross-functional team called the Digital Presence Review was founded with 11 members. Their main objective is to use the company website as a tool for content marketing to ultimately increase brand awareness and generate new sales opportunities.

But it was a much bigger struggle than anticipated for overseas offices to manage local websites independently. Translation quality was found to be inconsistent at best, and whether it was an individual translator or an agency managing multiple ones, it was an expensive and time-consuming process just to get it done on top of the job at hand.

With so many language markets to cater for — France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador — the team found that too much time and money was being wasted in translators and content management, rather than new content creation.

For some time, it seemed that Italtel had an itch that couldn’t be scratched.

“It just works”

Daniela Fontana, Web Project Manager at Italtel, had come across Unbabel in an article on a tech site and was curious to see if the AI + humans multilingual solution could solve their problems.

After going through the trial period, the team was impressed by Unbabel’s seamless workflow, short response time and support of every language they required.


“Suddenly we didn’t need to project manage an agency or a pool of our own freelancers. We just send text one way, and get it returned to us in the languages we need. It just works.”

Not only did it take considerably less time to get up and running across the team — a matter of hours — Italtel was impressed with Unbabel’s understanding of their challenges as a business, and not just a client who needs translations.

The Results

Before Unbabel, Italtel’s Digital Presence team was frustrated with subpar localization of its content across EMEA and LATAM markets, spending more time correcting issues with translation than creating new content. Now?

“Now we can concentrate our efforts in the quality of the content we produce.”

By harnessing the power of machine learning and a global community of 40,000 Unbabelers, we become the heart of multilingual communications, helping companies scale their conversations with customers across 28 languages.

International businesses like Pinterest, Skyscanner, Under Armour, Trello and Oculus VR trust Unbabel’s enterprise platform to open up and grow new markets.

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