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Make your video content go global from day 1 with Unbabel for Video

You’ve probably realised that online video is literally everywhere. Facebook, Twitter and of course YouTube itself. And the numbers are quite astonishing. 

According to Cisco, online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. 

5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day the equivalent of 500 million hours. 

And on Facebook that’s 8 billion videos per day (of which 85% are watched without sound).

The incredible, unstoppable rise of video, like all forms of web content before it, has quickly run into the last barrier to global communication — language.

If you want to have your video transcribed and translated into different languages you would have had to brace yourself for a bumpy ride. 

Normally, you would get someone to manually transcribe the audio, wait for the transcription, send it to an agency, which would then take weeks to deliver the final translation. Not to mention that this whole process would be a nightmare if you’re creating timesensitive content.

It’s just really frustrating. You know that having your content in multiple languages would give you a global audience, better engagement and results, but it’s too much of a hassle. 

Transcription and translation have all traditionally felt like getting buckets of water from the well, when you should just be able to open the taps. That’s why at Unbabel we have created a simple service to help you transcribe and translate your videos. 

Introducing Unbabel for Video

With Unbabel for Video, anyone can transcribe and translate videos and reach a global audience.   

By combining machines with human effort, we are able to transcribe and translate your video and audio content, returning searchable, time-stamped text in dozens of language pairs. 

We combine state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with the efforts of a 50,000+ strong community of bilingual editors to deliver a fast translation with the best possible quality.  

The video below was processed, accurately transcribed, translated to human quality and subtitled into 5 languages in just 7 hours. 



With Unbabel for Video, you get accurate human-quality transcriptions. No typos, no bad syncing. This will allow you to make your audio and video content findable and searchable, and it will help you to finally reach a global audience by adding multilingual subtitles to your content in a matter of hours.  

Ready to give it a try? Click here and let’s get it started. 





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