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Unbabel at Dreamforce 2018: Not all heroes wear capes. But we do

There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.

…said Superman and I tend to agree. We all have our own superpowers, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use them.

Technology can help us to unleash those superpowers. It empowers us to be better at what we do and it allows us to do things that we thought were impossible.

We might not have superhuman strength like Mr. Clark Kent, but at least we have the tools that enable us to exceed our human abilities. We can create personalized chatbots to engage with customers, use voice commands to schedule our meetings, or even have an email magically translated into 28 languages.

That’s why using Unbabel feels like having language superpowers. By removing language as a barrier, we enable you to understand and be understood by your customers, in any language.

Luckily, you’ll be able to meet our own superheroes at Dreamforce 2018 and witness our superpowers with your own eyes. Nine people from our team will be there (myself included). We’ll be easy to spot – we’re all going to be wearing our superhero capes and masks. Seriously.

But as Uncle Ben (perhaps with some inspiration from Voltaire) famously told Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility. So if you’re coming to Dreamforce this year and you’re wondering how Unbabel can help you put your customers first regardless of what languages they speak, let me tell you where you can find us.

With great power comes great responsibility

If you’re reading this blog, we’re assuming you are experiencing what some of our customers tend to go through.

We call it the “Belief Barrier”: Unbabel sounds too good to be true.

Do we really deliver multilingual customer communication at a quality, speed, and price no one else can match?

Well, yes. But most people we talk to seem to be skeptical about it. And I get it. You need to see it to believe it.

So that’s what we’ll be doing at Dreamforce this year.

You’ll be able to see our solution in action and understand why companies like, Under Armour, easyJet, or TomTom trust Unbabel to translate their customer communications (and why Salesforce Ventures invested in our Series B earlier this year).

We’ll tell you all about our platform and how our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, so you won’t even have to think about translation.

We’ll introduce you to the world’s best quality estimation system, built by our team, and to our community of 100,000 bilingual editors who review the translations done by machines every single day to make sure we deliver the best possible quality.

But enough of talking about our product. I guess we’ll have time for that at the event itself. So let me tell you where we’ll be.

Where to find us at Dreamforce

Our superheroes (or Unbabelers, as I like to call them) will be coming to a booth near you from the 25th-28th September in San Francisco, and we’re pretty excited about that.

Our booth is number 168, and it will be at the Customer Service Expo.

And not only will we have our superheroes in capes, who will make our booth easy to spot, but we’ll also be giving out the ultimate prize:

A surfing trip to Lisbon for two people — flights included.
(hint: if you find all the capes you’ll get a good chance of winning)

Live demos in your own device

In our booth, and bit around the venue, we’ll be showcasing our product demos working on platforms such as Salesforce Live Agent, Knowledge, and Service Cloud (see how Unbabel for Salesforce works).

So, if you’re interested in putting our solutions to work, just come and meet our superheroes who will be walking around the venue with a QR / URL code, so that you can scan and test out our integrations on your own device.

You can test our ability to speak 28 languages and see how we remove language as a barrier to company customer communications by using our AI-powered, human-refined translation platform.

Simply put, you’ll see how Unbabel is accelerating the shift towards a world without language barriers by enabling accurate, seamless and scalable translations between companies and their customers.

The side-events that will cheer you up

Like Mariana Silva, our events manager, mentioned in a previous blog post, we’ll also be attending a few side-events at Dreamforce.

I mean, it can’t all be work. So we’re definitely hitting up the happy hours and parties as the days turn into nights.

Here are some of the events we’ll be attending:

Also, feel free to invite us for a drink and make sure you ask our own Edmund Ovington, VP of Global Partnerships, for the Unbabelita recipe — the best margarita outside of Tijuana.

Come and meet us at Dreamforce 2018

Nine people from our team will be there, including our loving CEO and co-founder, Vasco Pedro, and our own Chief Revenue Officer, Wolfgang Allisat.

But if you’re interested in meeting us, make sure you reach out to us — you can find all the information about Unbabel at Dreamforce here.

We’ll be in town for the whole week so any meetings you’d like to schedule you can do so here, otherwise feel free to ping me on LinkedIn or email.

Because we give you the multilingual superpowers you deserve (and the ones you need).

See you there at Dreamforce 2018!

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