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How to deliver multilingual customer service on Zendesk in a few easy steps

Translating your website is a first step towards expanding into international markets. But once you get those customers from different countries, then what?

Expectations have been raised, and customers will expect to interact with you in their native language too. After all, asking a question in Spanish and receiving an answer in English can very quickly lead to a no comprendo.

If your website has 20 different language versions, you’re probably thinking that you need to hire more agents to cover them too. Intense!

Or, like Pinterest, Oculus VR and Skyscanner, you could make your existing agents multilingual in just five minutes with Unbabel’s translation for Zendesk Support.


Just go to the Unbabel Translate app on the Zendesk Marketplace and hit install.

Once that’s done, you’ll just need to follow a few more steps to get Unbabel for Zendesk up and running.


Click any ticket and you’ll be prompted in the right hand pane to create your Unbabel account through the setup wizard.

Create and activate your Unbabel account

Now, follow the steps to creating your Unbabel account, checking your email to activate it.

You’re all set!

Automated ticket translation

Now, whenever you’re working on a customer ticket, you’ll see the Unbabel app on the right side of your screen. If the ticket is not in your agent’s language, you’ll instantly get a machine translation of your customer’s request. Magic.

Usually that’s enough to understand the customer’s request, but if the auto-translated text is not clear enough, you can always click on the “I can’t understand the translation” button and request a human translation of the text.

Replying in a foreign language

Now for what was once the trickiest part: replying in the same language.

Not anymore.

Simply write your reply in your own language as an internal note under #unbabel and submit.

You can close the case, leave it open, put it on-hold, do whatever you would normally. You don’t have to wait for translation to be ready, or come back to the ticket – Unbabel will deliver it straight to your customer as a public reply once it is ready (in as little as 20 minutes).

And that’s it. From the customer’s point of view you wrote the answer in their own language.

Hiding sensitive content from Unbabel

Let’s say there’s certain content you don’t want translated in the message — passwords, personal information, credit card numbers, etc — you can easily hide this from our translators by surrounding the text like this:

<<<this text will not be translated>>>

In general, people are most comfortable when information is offered in their own language, and translating the customer service content across your digital channels will help you give them a more intimate and familiar experience.

Unbabel’s next dimension of multilingual support for Zendesk is a seamless, integrated solution that allows you to deliver great multilingual customer service tickets, regardless of what language you or your customers speak.

To find out more about how we deliver native-quality translations of your customer support tickets, reach out directly to our team and request a demo today.

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